eLearning Superheroes - About Us

We are a Small Group of Elearning Professionals

ELearning Superheroes is formed by a small group of experienced elearning professionals. We were formed on the basis that there was a need to provide a comprehensive elearning solution with a quick turnaround for the modern company. By being small it means we don't have too many overheads, we remain flexible, which means we can reflect the savings onto you.

Product, Soft Skills and Software Elearning Provider

As a team we have created product training, soft skills and systems elearning to some of the largest multi-national corporations, SMEs and the public sector. We recognise that operational performance is largely about people and processes; our solutions are designed to release employee and business potential. We work with our clients to build an understanding of their organisations and key challenges, and then apply experience and proven methodologies to improve performance.

Vastly Experienced Consultants

At eLearning Superheroes, we employ staff who can understand your organisation’s challenges and can help you to overcome them. Our team can exercise a large pool of experience of elearning and application training from a number of industries and areas of the public sector.

Choosing your Training Partner

eLearning Superheroes believe that choosing a training partner for your learning needs is important as it is will speed up the implementation process. It needs to return your investment of time, resources, costs and to convey the right messages.

We want to be remembered for great products, great service and being friendly and sincere team.

Whether you need to fill a short-term resource gap or need a full process developed, eLearning Superheroes is available to help.

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